Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Composite UI Application Block (CAB)

The second gotdotnet drop of the Composite UI Application Block – CAB for short – was drop about a week ago. CAB represents an import piece of software in the WinForm development space based on .NET 2.0. You can read more about CAB on the gotdotnet site here. I plan to start blogging about specific features of CAB going forward.

What is CAB

CAB is a guidance asset in the form of an application block like no other before it. CAB is based on .NET 2.0, but there is a strong possibility there will be a back port of the major features to .NET 1.1. CAB combines some of the development principles of EntLib, patterns such as MCV, Memento, Pub-Sub, etc. and codifies it into what I believe is a well factored set of classes for developing SO client applications. Unlike, the UIP block of past, CAB is very easy to understand and once you get some basic concepts it proves to be very useful and empowering.


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