Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Web Service Software Factory

In the same vain as Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit (SC-BAT), we now have a GAT package for service development. Referred to as the Service Baseline Architecture Toolkit (ServiceBAT) or its new name Web Service Software Factory, this tool will provide actionable guidance that can assist you in developing services for WCF (and hopefully soon for ASMX 2.0). The guidance assists architects and developers with structuring a solution that meets their business requirements/practice while still enforcing some key design patterns and concepts when developing web services following SO principles. I would encourage folks to take and look and give

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Smart Client BAT

The CTP for Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit (SC-BAT) is finally available on the Microsoft web site. SC-BAT is a GAT package that comes with a number of recipes to aid in the development of Composite WinForm applications based on CAB (Composite Application Block) and WinForm 2.0. Do take a look and give it a try..